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Spiral Welded Pipe VS Longitudinal Welded Pipe

Both longitudinal welded pipe and spiral welded pipes are kind of welded steel pipes. These two kinds of steel pipes are widely used in oil and gas transmission, petrochemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation and urban construction. Wanzhi Steel offers you welded pipes of these two different processes. We can make you as satisfied as possible, both in terms of quality and price. If you are looking for longitudinal welded pipes and spiral welded pipes, welcome to contact us for more details.

Spiral Welded Pipe Manufacturer

Spiral Welded Pipe

High Quality Longitudinal Welded Pipe

Longitudinal Welded Pipe

Spiral Welded Pipe VS Longitudinal Welded Pipe

Spiral and Longitudinal Welded Pipe

Differences Between Spiral and Longitudinal Welded Pipe

1. Specifications

Products Spiral Welded Pipe Longitudinal Welded Pipe
Outer Diameter 20 to 600 mm 10 to 200 mm
Thickness 1mm – 20 mm 0.5 – 10 mm
Length 6 – 12 m 6 – 12 m
Shapes Round, Square, Rectangular
Packaging In bundle or in loose or as your requirement

2. Production Process

Spiral welded pipe is made of strip steel coil as raw material, extruded at regular temperature, and welded by an automatic double-wire double-sided submerged arc welding process. The longitudinal welded pipe is made of steel plate or steel strip after bending and then welded. Compared with spiral welded pipe, the production process of longitudinal pipe is relatively simple and the production efficiency is high.

Longitudinal Welded Pipe Process Details

Longitudinal Welded Tube

Spiral Welded Pipe Processes

Spiral Welded Tube

Spiral Welded Pipe Manufacturing

Spiral Welded Pipe Manufacturing

3. Toughness and Strength

During the welding process, a large number of T-shaped welds will inevitably appear in the straight seam steel pipe. These T-shaped weld seams will increase the likelihood of cracks in the steel pipe. While spiral welded pipe has uniform weld seam distribution and high impact toughness. In addition, the strength of spiral welded pipe is also higher than that of longitudinal welded pipe.

4. Safety Performance

At the same working pressure, for two welded pipes of the same diameter, the wall of the spiral welded pipe can be reduced. Therefore, if a spiral welded pipe is burst, the risk of expansion is not as great as that of a longitudinal welded pipe because the weld is subjected to less force. If your project requires higher safety performance, then spiral welded pipe may be more suitable for you.

5. Caliber

Spiral welded pipe can produce larger diameter welded pipe with narrower billets. Its specifications are generally above 219 mm and mostly large in diameter. And most of the smaller diameter welded pipes are welded with a straight seam, but some manufacturers will produce large diameter longitudinal welded pipes.

Spiral Welded Pipes for Transporting Pipelines

Spiral Welded Pipe Conveying Pipeline

Longitudinal Welded Pipe for Steam Piping

Longitudinal Welded Pipe for Steam

Welded Pipes for Industrial Buildings

Welded Pipes for Construction

Which Is More Cost-effective, Spiral or Longitudinal Welded Pipe?

Compared with seamless steel pipe, welded pipe has a lower production cost and will be relatively cheaper. So which is more cost-effective, spiral welded pipe compared with longitudinal welded pipe?

1. In Terms of Price

The price is an important factor in whether to choose this product or not. From the price in the market, the price of spiral welded pipe is about 300 yuan/ton cheaper than longitudinal welded pipe. Therefore, if you have a tight budget, spiral welded pipe will be your best choice.

Large Diameter Longitudinal Welded Pipe in Wanzhi Steel

Large Diameter Longitudinal Pipe

Spiral Welded Tubes Manufacturer

Spiral Welded Tubes

High Quality Longitudinal Welded Tubes for Sale

Longitudinal Welded Tubes for Sale

2. From the Performance Point of View

The overall strength of spiral welded pipe is higher than that of longitudinal welded pipe, but the length of the former weld is longer than that of the latter, which is prone to cracks, porosity, slagging and welding deviations. In terms of overall performance, they are not very different from each other.

All in all, when choosing a steel pipe, you should not only look at price and performance but also make a comprehensive consideration according to your project requirements. If you don’t have much experience in this area, welcome to contact Wanzhi Steel, our professional sales manager will customize the best solution for you.

Spiral Welded Tube Manufacturer in China

Spiral Welded Tube Manufacturer

Longitudinal Welded Pipes in Stock

Longitudinal Welded Pipes in Stock

Spiral Welded Pipes Factory

Spiral Welded Pipes Factory


As an established steel pipe manufacturer, Wanzhi Steel can provide you with factory sales prices. Here, in addition to welded pipe products, we also offer you high quality seamless pipe products, such as stainless steel seamless pipe. Besides, you can also enjoy many value-added services such as gas cutting and sawing when you choose Wanzhi Steel. If you are planning to buy steel pipe products shortly, welcome to contact us to get a free quote.

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