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Galvanized Steel Pipes

Knowledge About Galvanized Steel Pipes

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Wanzhi Steel is one of the top galvanized steel pipe manufacturers in China. We provide high quality steel pipe products to customers all over the world. In addition, we can also customize galvanized pipe solutions for our customers. If you are planning to buy galvanized pipes, you should learn about galvanized pipes in detail. Below is the information on galvanized pipe provided by Wanzhi Steel for your reference.

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Galvanized Steel Pipes
Galvanised Pipes
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Galvanized Pipes for Sale
Galvanized Pipes for Sale

1. Length of Galvanized Pipe

Usual length: The usual length of galvanized steel pipe is 6 m. The allowable body weight of each batch of galvanized pipe is not more than 5% of the total weight and the length is not less than 2 m.

Cut-to-length: The allowable deviation of cut-to-length of galvanized steel pipe is +20mm.

Multi-length: The allowable deviation of the multi-length of galvanized steel pipe is +20mm. in addition, each multi-length should leave a margin of 5mm-10mm for cutting.

2. Manufacturing Methods

Galvanized pipes are often manufactured using two production methods: hot-dipped galvanized and cold-galvanized. The zinc layer of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is thicker and has strong anti-corrosion ability. Cold galvanized steel pipe has very little galvanization, only 10-50g/m2, and its corrosion resistance is much worse than that of hot galvanized pipe.

3. Shapes of Galvanized Tubes

Galvanized pipes can be manufactured in round, square, and shaped (rectangular) shapes. Generally, galvanized round tubes are often used for fluid transportation pipes. And galvanized square tubes are often used for structural construction. You can choose according to your project needs.

GI Square Pipes for Sale
GI Square Pipes
Round Galvanized Steel Pipes
Round Galvanized Steel Pipes
Galvanized Steel Rectangular Pipes
Galvanized Steel Rectangular Pipes

4. Brands of Galvanized Pipes

Brand Q195、Q215、Q235、Q295、Q345
Nominal wall thickness(mm) 2.0、2.5、2.8、3.2、3.5、3.8、4.0、4.5
Coefficient(c) 1.064、1.051、1.045、1.040、1.036、 1.034、1.032、1.028

5. Delivery Time

Wanzhi Steel will deliver on time and within the contracted time frame without delaying the start of your project. In addition, we will take the initiative to communicate with you about the progress of your project so that you can keep track of the process.

6. Packaging Methods

To transport galvanized pipes, there are bare and bundled packages. The specific situation also needs to be decided according to the actual transportation situation. If you have other requirements on packaging methods, you can contact us for communication and consultation.

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Galvanized Pipes in Stock
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Package of Galvanized Pipe

Inspection Method of Galvanized Steel Pipe

1. Surface Inspection

After the production is finished, Wanzhi Steel’s staff will inspect the internal and external surfaces of the galvanized steel pipes one by one to ensure that each galvanized pipe is intact.

2. Dimensional Inspection

Before the steel pipe is galvanized, its dimensions are measured one by one with a gauge of sufficient accuracy. The purpose of this is to ensure that the dimensional deviation of the galvanized pipe is acceptable.

3. Thread Inspection

For galvanized steel pipes with threads, according to YB822, the threads should be checked one by one with a ring gauge.

Galvanized Pipes Quality Testing
Quality Testing
Galvanized Steel Pipe Quality Inspection
Galvanized Steel Pipe Quality Inspection


Wanzhi Steel offers customization, machining, and cutting services. Tell us your specific needs and the specifications of the galvanized pipe required. We will provide you with the most reliable advice based on the specific information you provide. In addition, our website has information on other products for you to browse. We are at your service 24/7, contact us now for more details.