Welcome to Wanzhi Group Co., Ltd

On November 1, 2021, Wanzhi Group held a monthly meeting. In line with deepening cooperation and seeking a better future together, Wanzhi Group and FFT team initialized an in-depth cooperation agreement. This is a milestone of Wanzhi Group towards a new journey.

FFT Team Welcome Party

Welcome Party

FFT Team & Wanzhi Group

FFT Team & Wanzhi Group

Wanzhi Group and FFT Team

Wanzhi Group

FFT Team

As founders of FFT team, they all have more than ten years of experience in the foreign trade industry. They are young and daring, which is in harmony with the company philosophy of Wanzhi Group. We believe that this cooperation will lead to a different kind of spark. A grand, ambitious, and official signing ceremony will be held later. Please look forward to it.


FFT – Jane


FFT – Sunny


FFT – Jany


  • 17 years+

    Metal material industry exprience

  • 12 years+

    Import and export experience

  • 120 +

    Countries / regions have global cooperation

  • 1000 +

    Annual export volume