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How to Store Galvanized Steel Pipes?

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Galvanized steel pipes have been protected by zinc coating, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. But when you have purchased a large quantity of galvanized steel pipes, you’d better store these pipes properly. If they are not stored correctly, the steel pipes will rust, which will affect the appearance and even shorten the service life. As one of the top galvanized steel tube manufacturers in China, Wanzhi Steel has some tips for you to help you know how to store steel pipes correctly.

Galvanized Round Tubes at Wanzhi Factory
Galvanized Round Tubes at Wanzhi Factory
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Rectangular Tubes in Stock

Wanzhi Tips for Tube Storage

1. Storage Environment

Do not put the galvanized steel tubes in corrosive environments, such as humid conditions. Also, keep away from harmful gases or dust, acid, alkali, salt, cement, and other corrosive materials. For long-term storage, it is not wise to place the tubes in the open air because ultraviolet light or rain may cause corrosion. Instead, please store the pipes in a dry and ventilated place. Also, regular inspection is required. If there is oxidation, please clean the surface in time.

2. Storage by Category

Generally, they are stacked separately according to materials, shapes, and specifications. Also, place them in order of entry to facilitate the implementation of the first-in-first-out principle. For example, galvanized steel pipes should not be stacked with stainless steel pipes to prevent confusion and mutual corrosion. Besides, galvanized round tubes are often stacked in bundles to avoid collapse.

3. Pile in Order

When stacking galvanized steel pipes, the bottom of the stack should be padded, firmed, and leveled. The bottom of the stack should be padded to prevent dampness or deformation of the steel pipe. Below is a video showing the steel tubes at Wanzhi Factory.

4. When Stored in Open Air

One of the possible problems of open storage should be safety issues, such as being stolen. Besides, they are susceptible to extreme weather. So if you want to stack galvanized steel pipes in the open air, please use wooden mats or boulders underneath. In addition, keep the stack slightly sloped for drainage. Finally, you must also and pay attention to the straightness of the steel pipe to prevent bending and deformation.

5. Stacking Height & Space

For safety and convenience, the stacking height of galvanized steel pipes should be kept at no more than 1.2 m for manual work and no more than 1.5 m for mechanical work. While the stack width should be within 2.5 m. Too many stacks may cause radial plastic deformation of the steel pipes and damage to the anti-corrosion layer. Also, there should be a certain aisle between the stack and the stack. Generally, the inspection aisle is 0.5 m. While the access aisle depends on the size of the steel pipe and the transport machinery, generally 1.5 to 2. 0 m.

When stacking galvanized pipes, the bottom of the stack must be padded. If the warehouse is on a concrete floor with the sun rising, a height of 0.1 m is sufficient. If the stacking site is an open site, the concrete floor should be 0.3 to 0.5 m high and the sand and mud surface 0.5 to 0.7 m high.

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Because galvanized tube has good ductility, it can be stamped, rolled, stretched, bent, and molded without damage to the coating. Actually, it is easy to store and transport especially the hot-dip galvanized tubes. But the correct stacking of galvanized steel tubes will contribute to the stability of your project. If you purchase lots of steel pipes for sale, you should store them properly to sell them at a better price. So please pay attention to the storage of steel pipes.


Galvanized steel pipe has many great characteristics and it is widely used in construction and other industries. If you want more details, you can contact Wanzhi Steel for assistance. Wanzhi Steel is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes in China. Except for galvanized steel pipes, we also have stainless steel tubes and carbon steel tubes for sale. In addition, as a certified galvanized steel pipe supplier, we ensure that all the products we deliver meet the expected requirements. Get in touch with us now.